Everybody's Welcome

Our classes are designed to give kids a chance to play lots of different sports in a fun and relaxed way.

Bouncers: 0-2 year olds
Cubs: 2-4 year olds
Jets: 4-7 year olds
Rockies: 7-10 year olds
Juniors: 11-13 year olds
College: 14-17 year olds

Everybody's Welcome
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Gymnastics bars at Hollow Rocks Islington
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Teens playing basketball
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Teen playing rugby
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Kids Classes Available to book from 25th march

The sports we train rotate for the different age groups each season, with some classes combining a mix of sports in one session. This gives kids an opportunity to experience lots of different sports and develop their knowledge and skills without needing to specialise at a young age.

Sports Club for kids is is an hour long session that combines a mix of different sports training and drills in single sessions that change from week to week – one week might comprise of a rugby segment followed by gymnastics, in another it could be football drills combined with practicing tennis technique.

This class is available for Cubs (2-4's), Jets (4-7's) and Rockies (7-10's).

Skills & drills for kids is a fun format that lasts an hour and is designed to encourage kids to practice their skills and learn about technique and tactics of a specific sport, developing their understanding and enjoyment of it away from the more competitive pitch or court environment.

We currently have a football version of this class available for Jets (4-7's) and a basketball version of this class for Jets (4-7's) and Juniors (11-13's).

Family Playground is a class designed as something parents and little ones can do together. It's a low intensity one hour session that combines a range of exercises for adults - mainly involving core work and stretching - while babies and toddlers can roll around on mats, play with balls and cones and all the other exciting bits of brightly coloured kit we have here!

This class is available for Bouncers (0-2's).

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Kids Gymnastics is a one hour session designed as much for boys as for girls, focused primarily on using the playful and fun elements of gymnastics to learn about and gain confidence in how our bodies move: giving kids an introduction into the foundational elements of gymnastics, that provide a brilliant basis for all sports.

We currently run this class for Rockies (7-10's)

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Kids Boxing is an hour-long session where we teach the boxing basics: stance, footwork, hand positions, punch technique and combinations. This class is designed to get kids moving, get their minds working, and to give them an appreciation for the art of boxing, while having fun.

This class is available for Juniors (11-13's) and College (14-17's).

Timetable & booking information

The timetable here shows what we have on offer currently for the different age groups.
If you are interested in specific sports not currently included in your child’s age group, please email us and we will notify you when that class becomes available.
Please note: for classes for kids below the age of 14, a parent or guardian must stay on site at the club for the duration of the class.
Bouncers (0-2's)
Family Playground

Thursdays 11am
Cubs (2-4's)
Kids Sports Club

Thursdays 10am
Jets (4-7's)
Kids Football Skills & Drills

Tuesdays 5pm
Kids Basketball Skills & Drills
Wednesdays 5pm
Kids Sports Club
Saturdays 9am
Rockies (7-10's)
Kids Gymnastics

Tuesdays 4pm
Kids Sports Club
Sundays 9am
Juniors (11-13's)
Kids Boxing

Thursdays 5pm
Kids Basketball Skills & Drills
Saturdays 10am
Kids Sports Club
Sundays 12pm
College (14-17's)
Kids Boxing

Saturdays 11am


1 Class
Pack of 5 Classes
Pack of 10 Classes

First Session Free

You can book in for your first free taster class once you have registered via the details below.

Register & Book

Fill out the joining form

Please fill out the form using the name of the parent or guardian of the child and we will send you an introduction email which will include information on how to book into classes.
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Visit us at the club

Come to the club on Essex Road and we can register you here.

Call us

Ring us on 020 3370 6815

Parties & Holiday Clubs

We are available to hire for kids parties on Saturday and Sunday afternoons / evenings.
We design each party individually, creating sports drills and games that are designed to be age appropriate, and inspired by the child’s favourite sports and players. This is then followed by pizza, cake and drinks afterwards in an overall format that lasts roughly 2.5hrs.
We have plans to create a sports-based holiday club for kids of varying ages during the summer holidays.
If you would like to enquire specifically about a party or our holiday club, please email enquries@hollowrocks.com